Hour 1

Books Read since last update: Down a Dark Hall 131 – 135
Pages Read Since last update: 5
Total Pages Read: 5
Books Finished: –
Amount of minutes read since last update:  20 (off and on because I am at work
Total time read: 20 minutes
Mini-Challenges Completed: Into Meme


3 thoughts on “Hour 1

  1. Hi there – good morning, afternoon or evening..??

    My name is Louise and this is my first visit to your blog. I am already looking forward to visit again and check it out more 🙂

    I live in Denmark and have been up for hours, since I am nine hours ahead of Pacific Time and 5AM Pacific Time means 2PM in Copenhagen, Denmark.

    I wish you much luck with your readathon. I have signed up this year for the first time, although I am not reading but cheerleading.

    Those first hours I am going to orientate myself a bit, check out the blogs participating, hanging out on Twitter and so on. I might sneak in a bit of reading here and there, but my main thing is to cheer so GO! GO! GO! Hope you will not be too busy at work, so that there’ll be more time for reading. GO!!!!

    • Thank you Louise!!! It is morning… but I have been at work for the last seven years. I haven’t been able to get more then 11 pages read because I am working. Anyway, I know that it will pick up in the next hour now that I am off of work. I have always wanted to see Coppenhagen!

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