Absolute Failure

Well… I thought I was laying down for a thirty minute nap, but I never woke up again until now (16 hours later…) I am so disappointed with myself. I was so excited about this read-a-thon. I guess that is what happens when you attempt to pull 4 all nighters in one week. This was midterms week at my school so I was studying a lot. Anyway, I plan on trying to do this again by myself in a few week… maybe over Thanksgiving or Christmas break. I want to donate to my charity and my current reading is so pathetic that I want to do it again for them! But I do still have 2.5 hours so I will try to read for these next two. I am so sorry! Congrats to those of you who have done so well!!!

Anyway, I have read a total of 65 pages and 123 minutes of audio book!

One thought on “Absolute Failure

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