The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

This review is going to be a bit different then my other book reviews. I can’t review this without spoilers (because here at Kathryn’s Book Nook, we believe in honesty and sharing our try feelings – no I don’t have multiple personality disorder). Anyway, a short preview before I spoiler (don’t worry, there will be a warning).

To start off with, I felt intense apprehension about reading this book. Everyone I talked to who read it said that they loved it. People who didn’t love Young Adult or Science Fiction loved this book. Now, I don’t really know why this worried me – if anything it should have reassured me that I would love this book – but I just couldn’t force myself to read it. I would pick it up in the book store to go to read it and I couldn’t. It isn’t that I am one of those people who can’t read popular books, when I found out that Twilight was popular, I read it. The problem was that I just didn’t think I could like this particular book. So two days ago, I picked up the book and started reading it (like a chore). I couldn’t get into it… the first 12 pages were so boring. I had gotten that far before and then abandoned it. But I pushed through this time, and I am glad I did. All I can say is that if you haven’t read this book, read it.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!










Okay, now lets get down to the nitty gritty feelings left because of the book… The first thing I want to address is Rue. I was devastated by her death. I cried (just a little bit) and I mourned her death. I know that it was inevitable, given the nature of the games, but I didn’t think it would come so soon. I loved Rue. She reminds me of my younger sisters(when they were younger). I wanted to protect her from everything, including death. I love how her death was written, but I wanted more of her. I wanted there to be some way for her to be able to come out of it. Hearing that she was the oldest of six children only made her death more tragic.

Next to talked about is the proverbial elephant in the room… Peeta. I love Peeta. I wasn’t so sure of him at the beginning, but through Katniss’ distrust, i actually came to trust him. I could see what she could not see from the very beginning, he meant it when he said he liked her. When she explained his looks at her through their school years, I knew that he liked her. My real frustration is with Katniss at the end of the novel. How could she do that? I thought that she had really grown to love him. Some of the things that she did and said only seemed to indicate how much she loved him. The fact that she said that if she was the one who lived she would never really leave the arena… the fact she risked her life to get the medicine at the feast… everything seemed to indicate that she loved him. And Gale, please, she had chance with him and she didn’t take it. He has been in the friend zone too long. She shouldn’t even be thinking about him in any way except “I can’t wait to see my best friend again” way. My heart broke for Peeta as he was walking away from her on the platform of the train station. I hope that she gets her act together (and quickly) and realizes that he is the one for her~

Perhaps that thing I can identify with the most is the love Katniss has for her younger sister, Primrose. I am the oldest of four girls and I know that I would do anything for my sisters. I would die for them, if that is what was called for. I try to picture myself in Katniss’ shoes, when she hears her sisters name be called, and all I can think is that I would have done the exact same thing. In my case, it would have meant certain death (I have no outdoor skills at all) but I would have rather died then spend the rest of my life knowing that I could have saved my sister and I didn’t. The protective love that an older sibling feels for a younger one is expertly portrayed here.

I can’t imagine what it must have been like to be the parents of any of these characters. To be forced to watch on television while your child gets hunted down and killed. I can’t imagine what it must be like to want your child to win, even then realizing that means that they must murder someone else’s child. You want your child home safely, but when you are celebrating their continued life, some other mother is crying over the death of their child.

Another question I have is why did the guy from District 11 (I can’t remember his name) take the bag belonging to District 2 and why didn’t he kill the C guy (gosh I am forgetting names) while he had the change? It seems to me, and I could be totally wrong about this, that he wanted to draw the guy from District 2 to fight him. He must have known that he would be the target for him after that. My theory, which is probably totally off-base, is that he didn’t favor killing and that he had some feeling in his heart for Katniss. I am not saying that he had a crush or anything like that. But he seems to not really favor killing people. He didn’t go for the goods in the beginning (obvious because he had no weapon except for the huge rock) and he hid out in the area that no one went into. He did kill Clover, but that seemed to be more because he was getting revenge for the death of little Rue, and even before he let Katniss go, he seemed to be hesitating about killing her. Others probably have far more accurate theories, but that is what I think.

Now another thing I observed about these books is the food colors. Off the top of my head there is the purple melon and the blue grapes. that just seems odd to me. I don’t really understand the point of changing the color of common things. Maybe that will come up in the next book.

All in all, I give this book a 5/5 stars. I am now off to go buy Catching Fire. I can’t wait to see where that leads! So, are you a Petta/Katniss fan or a Gale/Katniss fan? Tell me what you think!!!



5 thoughts on “The Hunger Games

  1. Yeah, I gotta say that I’m a Gale-Katniss fan as well even though I don’t think Gale is as well-developed as a character. I’m holding out for them making it in the end, but I don’t think that’ll happen unless a Twilight-esque imprinting appears for Peeta. I found “Catching Fire” a bit different than “Hunger Games” (which probably was my favorite book of last year), but I enjoyed it all the same.

  2. I think Katniss said what she did at the end to Peeta simply because she was so confused by the experience she was having trouble seperating her feelings from Peta that were put on for show and those that were real. I think being forced to behave like she loved Peeta to avoid death or severe punishment, even after they had left the arena, after all the trauma she’d been through in the games, really blurred the lines of reality and acting out of necessity for her. Poor thing! I hope they get together in Catching Fire! I can’t wait to get my hands on it, I only finished The Hunger Games a half hour ago and I couldn’t put it down.

    • Oh, Dominique, the second book is just as good as the first! Let me know what you think when you finish reading it. I can’t wait to read the third book!!! This is such an awesome series!

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