Catching Fire

Catching Fire

If you haven’t read THE HUNGER GAMES or CATCHING FIRE, do not read this review… insead go and read the book!

Very rarely do we see books where the sequel is as good as the first book… the same is true with movies. However, CATCHING FIRE was just as good as the HUNGER GAMES. The series was amazing. I can’t review it without spoilers, so I won’t even try.

I will just start by saying that I am Team Peeta… some of the time I don’t even like Gale. Now, I understand that Gale is more of the type that some people go for, but I am a diehard romantic, and Petta’s sacrificial love fore Katniss is so amazing, that I can’t helping loving them. My personal theory is that Katniss wants to love Gale, because he represents freedom and he was there when she was going through a hard time, but in reality she actually loves Peeta. She just can’t admit it because everything about her love for Petta started out from the Games, and that was/is a horrible memory. However, her reaction when she finds out that Petta was taken by the capital just shows me that she loves him, as well as when they both argued about who would live. I felt my heart squeeze when she said that she realized that she would she would be damaged forever if Petta were to die.

But more about Petta later… Let’s start with the games. I have to say that I was not expecting them to have to go back into the arena to have to fight other victors again. The Quarter Quells seem so harsh. I mean, obviously, anything surrounding the hunger games is harsh… I think one of the sad moments for me was when I found out about the death of Cecelia. It wouldn’t have been bad if Suzanne Collins hadn’t described the three children being pealed off of her when her name was called. I can’t imagine being the president when all of the people of the Capital became distressed over the games.

Speaking of the Quarter Quells, I bet the president didn’t really think that one through all of the way (I believe that he made this reaping in an attempt to have Petta and Katniss killed). It might seem like a good idea for the immediate, but when you think about the fact that you are putting the people who started the rebelion (however unknowingly) in front of cameras again. What I don’t understand is why Katniss never thought of keeping both her and Petta alive the whole game. She was so focussed on keeping Petta alive, but how long would the Capital have allowed her and Petta to stay alive by themselves. They would have sent in things to try to kill one of them..

I loved the arena in this book. I thought that the idea of the clock was so ingenious! I wish that we had been told what all of the times had in store. Seeing Katniss and Finnick’s anguish with the jatterjays was painful. I can’t even imagine how insane I would go if I thought that someone was hurting my sisters. I couldn’t bare to hear there screams of anguish and then think that someone was torturing them to get those sounds. It would all be too painful to be bourn. If I thought that someone was hurting my sisters in that way, I would probably want to die… or kill the person hurting them, which again makes me think that the Capital doesn’t realize how counterproductive these games are.

Well, I might update this post a little bit later, once I process it some more. It is hard to believe that there is still like another year until the next book comes out! I want to read it so badly!!! This book gets a five out of five stars from me! Rarely have I ever seen a sequel that is just as good as the first book, but that is certainly the case here!

Rating: 5


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