Nap time

Unfortunately, I think I need to take a nap time. I have been up for almost 24 hours, and even before then, I only got a little nap. I work graveyards at my job and lately I haven’t been able to sleep at night, I have class during the day, and I have studying and group projects the rest of the time. I would push through this is I didn’t have church and a group project sunday morning. And with finals coming up, I need to rest… And so, I am signing off for a couple of hours. I hope that I can return around midnight or 1 am PST and finish it out and then take a nap before church. So until then, I hope everyone enjoys reading! I wish I could stay up and read more!

Favorite Covers

I tend to like covers with upper-class looking people… girls that look popular. I know, that is stupid or cliche or elitist or whatever, but I really like them.

Here are my favorite covers… sorry there are so many!

These are all from the Private series by Kate Brian. It is one of my favorite series. I start reading it strictly based on their covers. However, they hired new models, and I don’t like them at all. I think the new models are kinda ugly and not classy looking at all.

I love the tattoo on the neck and the necklace and the elite atmosphere this book cover gives off. Again, I picked this book strictly based on the cover… well, that and secret societies have always held my fascination!

I love this cover because of the difference in the reflection. I stared at this cover for probably five minutes before I even noticed there was a difference. I might start this book during the challenge.

For some reason, there is something about the fact that you can only see the characters from the neck down that appeals to me. I really love this cover in so many ways I can’t explain. I love that she is barefoot and in a pink dress. I love the guy leaning casually toward her. I just really love this cover.

Anyway, that is probably more then any of you guys wanted. A little update is that I have finished Along for the Ride (I had about 75 pages left) and I am listened to 3 hours and 15 minutes of The Shack. I have it next to me in paperback form and I have covered 106 pages. I listen to this when checking on updates and making something to snack on and things like that. I am a slow reader so it is going really slowly. I am going to be reading Cinderella’s Stepmother now.

Compliments Meme

This is I Heart Monter’s Meme. I really enjoyed checking out all of these blogs!

Whitney has a really fun profile picture. It is of Elizabeth Bennett (from Pride & Prejudice) reading a book!
El Fay has a really nice background. In addition, there is a little sort of a fish bowl on the side that is a lot of fun.
Pam has a really good intro to her blog. The way she writes it sounds like she is talking just to you. It really draws you in. In addition, I love the name of her blog (iwriteinbooks).
Melanie has a very interactive blog. There are polls for the user to take or sites recommended to visit. In addition, Melanie has a very nice background!
Tara SG has this thing were she has literary tattoos (on tuesday). I think that is really fun and cool. The link (and where I posted my comment) was on Twilight tattoos! I can not believe that people would do that… it is permanent! Take a quick minutes break and check it out!

As for your blog… I love your banner! It is so fun. What does it mean? Is it a literary reference?

Well, good luck with the rest of your read read read-a-thon!

Winter Read-a-thon

Today is Dreadlock Girl’s read-a-thon! I am so excited. This is just a short little message letting you all know that I am here and participating. I won’t update every hour like I tried to do with Deweys. I might try every three or four hours, but no guarantees. I am shooting for the full 24 hours, but tomorrow I have a group project and I am getting off of a full graveyard shift soon. So, what do I have going on this hour?

I am listening to The Shack on audio (while writing this). In addition, I have about 75 pages left of Along For the Ride by Sarah Dessen. I will update more later! To all those participating have a good reading time! I will try to stop by some blogs while listening to audio!!!