Compliments Meme

This is I Heart Monter’s Meme. I really enjoyed checking out all of these blogs!

Whitney has a really fun profile picture. It is of Elizabeth Bennett (from Pride & Prejudice) reading a book!
El Fay has a really nice background. In addition, there is a little sort of a fish bowl on the side that is a lot of fun.
Pam has a really good intro to her blog. The way she writes it sounds like she is talking just to you. It really draws you in. In addition, I love the name of her blog (iwriteinbooks).
Melanie has a very interactive blog. There are polls for the user to take or sites recommended to visit. In addition, Melanie has a very nice background!
Tara SG has this thing were she has literary tattoos (on tuesday). I think that is really fun and cool. The link (and where I posted my comment) was on Twilight tattoos! I can not believe that people would do that… it is permanent! Take a quick minutes break and check it out!

As for your blog… I love your banner! It is so fun. What does it mean? Is it a literary reference?

Well, good luck with the rest of your read read read-a-thon!


4 thoughts on “Compliments Meme

  1. Thanks for participating and for passing around some nice! :o)

    I Heart Monster is a reference to my hubbie – not literary at all, just me! Thanks for the compliment about my banner, you’re so sweet!!

    I love your little avatar chica up on the right hand corner over there – she’s so cool! Oh, and I see that you have Along for the Ride on your currently reading list – Monster (my hubbie) just finished that audiobook on his drive home a week ago, and he was all, “It was a really good book.” I retorted, “It’s chicklit.” He fired back, “What’s chicklit?” I go, “Uh. Nevermind. Glad you liked it.” :o) I figure if he likes it, I’m not gonna discourage it by labeling it girly!

  2. Thank you for visiting my site! It was fun to go around and compliment people! Kinda reminds me of the whole reason of the season! I am almost finished with Along for the Ride… about 50 pages left. I am going to finish it during the read-a-thon. That is interesting that your hubbie read it… not only is it chicklit, it is young adult.
    The avater looks kind of like me. That is about the length of my hair and my hair is dark brown/black. Green is my favorite color and I wear it a lot. I just saw it and thought it was fun! Anyway, good luck with the rest of the read-a-thon!

    • Thank you! It is going well! I love you blog too, though I wasn’t sure if we could use it. I think the set up is great. I have been looking at some of the Christmas presents you’re making and I love the reading pillow. I am going to have to make on for myself sometime! It is so creative!

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