Favorite Covers

I tend to like covers with upper-class looking people… girls that look popular. I know, that is stupid or cliche or elitist or whatever, but I really like them.

Here are my favorite covers… sorry there are so many!

These are all from the Private series by Kate Brian. It is one of my favorite series. I start reading it strictly based on their covers. However, they hired new models, and I don’t like them at all. I think the new models are kinda ugly and not classy looking at all.

I love the tattoo on the neck and the necklace and the elite atmosphere this book cover gives off. Again, I picked this book strictly based on the cover… well, that and secret societies have always held my fascination!

I love this cover because of the difference in the reflection. I stared at this cover for probably five minutes before I even noticed there was a difference. I might start this book during the challenge.

For some reason, there is something about the fact that you can only see the characters from the neck down that appeals to me. I really love this cover in so many ways I can’t explain. I love that she is barefoot and in a pink dress. I love the guy leaning casually toward her. I just really love this cover.

Anyway, that is probably more then any of you guys wanted. A little update is that I have finished Along for the Ride (I had about 75 pages left) and I am listened to 3 hours and 15 minutes of The Shack. I have it next to me in paperback form and I have covered 106 pages. I listen to this when checking on updates and making something to snack on and things like that. I am a slow reader so it is going really slowly. I am going to be reading Cinderella’s Stepmother now.


8 thoughts on “Favorite Covers

  1. Oh, I love the cover for After. That was really well thought out and really well done. I too had to stare at it for a moment before I got it. Very cool!

  2. You just wish that you were one of them, too! I don’t know that I tend to pay much attention to covers. It bugs me, though, when the details on the cover don’t match anything in the book.

    • That is probably true! I do sometimes wish that I had attended a cool boarding school or lived a life of mystery or was a part of a secret society… Oh well! And I agree with you about being annoyed when the covers don’t match the details of the book. I frequently try to figure out which character is which on the cover and that is frequently the visual of the character in my mind as the story goes along… but when the cover is different then what the book says, I get thrown off and a little angry!

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