Multiple Review

Well, for the Countdown Challenge, I need to review the books in order for them to account and since I have read several books without reviewing, and I don’t want to spam anyone with multiple posts, I will just post most of them here right now. These will be short reviews…

Secret Society by Tom Dolby

This is a book about a group of “special” students who all receive access into a secret group that is found in New York City. At first, they are showered with presents, required to do very little. This is called the time of “Folly”.  Eventually a lot of weird things start happening. In addition, one of the classmates of the three students allowed into the society, starts sneaking around and filming the secret rituals and even going to their special retreat. Overall, I disliked almost all of the characters. They were all whiny and pretty ungrateful. The boy who was sneaking around  was extremely annoying in his “I deserve to know” attitude. I am sorry, but in real life, not everyone gets admitted into everything. Not everyone can be a cheerleader, not everyone gets in the a sorority or fraternity, not everyone gets the part they wanted in the play, and not everyone gets into the secret society. That is just the way life is… get over it. All that said, when the sequel comes out, I will probably read it!

Rating: 2.5

Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen

This is the story of a really bright girl, Auden, who is an insomniac. The problem all started when her mother and father started fighting, just before they ended up divorcing. Her father goes on to marry another woman and she ends up having a baby.  Her stepmother, Heidi, seems like the complete opposite of Auden. She runs a clothing boutique and her favorite color is pink. After she has the baby, she invites Auden to come down and spend the summer with her. Over the course of the summer, Auden meets another insomniac and makes friends and comes to learn a lot about herself. She becomes disenchanted with her father, and she learns that just because a person looks or acts one way doesn’t mean that they are that way. I started out really disliking the character of Auden. She came off as superior, but eventually her insecurities break down and you come to love her. This is one story that I was not ready to end! I couldn’t stop thinking about it after I had finished it. I will definitely be reading many more books by Sarah Dessen.

Rating: 5

The Shack by William P. Young

This book was just okay to me. I had trouble grasping some of the characters (like The Holy Spirit). It definitely made me thinking about my faith and why I believe what I believe. It also made me think about God and that the image of him that I have in my head isn’t that only way that he is.  However, while reading this book, my mind frequently wondered. It might be because I was listening to it on audio, but it just didn’t grasp me the way I expected it too… the way a lot of people talk about it grabbing ahold of them. There were also several religious ideas that I didn’t agree with, and that was a bit offsetting for me. I will probably try to read this again sometime in the future, but for right now, it was just okay…

Rating: 4

New Moon by Stephanie Meyer

This book was actually much better the second time I read it. Perhaps it was because I knew that Edward was going to come back, and because of that I was able to withstand Jacob. I still really despise the character of Jacob. He just rubs me the wrong way (which is annoying, because in the movie, it is Jacob that you want to side with). I cried when Edward left Bella. It was so emotional. And I love the way that Meyer expressed those months of nothingness that Bella went through by having the blank pages with just the month on it. And I really love the scene with the Volturi. They are fascinating. This re-read has made me question my initial review of the book and definitely raise it to a 4.5/5. I can’t wait to continue the story and see where it goes!

Rating: 4.5

I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You by Ally Carter

This was a good, light read. It is about this secret spy school for girls where they are taught to by spies. One night, while out on a mission for one of the classes, Cammie Morgan meets a boy. Now Cammie might be able to speak 14 languages and be able to kill a man with her bare hands, but she is utterly clueless when it comes to boys. Luckily her new roommate, who she initially hates, is totally clued in on the subject of boys. Through a series of unapproved covert missions, Cammie comes to know this boy and start to really like him, but he can never know the truth about who she is. Instead, he is fed the story about her being a homeschooled girl with a really strict mother. When he finds out the truth, it is too much for him to accept. When he realizes that she lied to him about everything, from the tiny details to the large ones, he can not handle it. Whether they end up together in the sequel remains unseen. I look forward to continuing this series. I love stories about boarding school and I love spies so this book is the perfect combo for me.

Rating: 5

Privilege by Kate Brian

This is the first book on the spinoff series of Private, by Kate Brian. I put off reading this book for a couple years because I love the world that surrounds Private. I love the characters and everything. And knowing what I know about Arianna Osgood, I wasn’t sure that I could read this series. However, I am glad that I did. I love Kate Brian’s works. They are full of twists that you never seeing coming, and this series is no different. I look forward to continuing the series. Following the logic and emotions of a bunch of crazy girls is definitely a different reading experience.

Rating: 4.5

Still Standing by Carrie Prejean

This book was better then I expected. In case you didn’t know, Carrie Prejean is the former Miss California who lost the crown by answering her real opinion on gay marriage and then was tornadoed by rumors and lies until she was eventually fired from Miss California. It was interesting to see what she went through and hear everything from her perspective. The Prejean family, as a whole, was brutally attacked by the rumor mill after the Miss America Pageant. I can’t even imagine going through all she went through, and still she stands strong. Carrie is the first person to admit that she isn’t perfect. She explains the sex tape that she made and that it was a mistake and something she regrets now. And lets be honest, who hasn’t made a mistake that they later regret? I know I have. Sure, I might not have made a sex tape, but that doesn’t mean that my sin is any less of a sin then hers. My main critique of this book is that Carrie was over-repeatative. She had some good things to say, but I felt like she said the same thing so many times she was kind of beating a dead horse. I feel for her, and I support her. Whether you believe in gay marriage or not, a person should be allowed to express their opinion. I feel like a lot of times, we say that free speech is allowed, as long as what you’re saying agrees with me, and that is something I don’t support.

Rating: 4

Ophelia Joined the Group Maidens Who Don’t Float: Classic Lit signs on to Facebook by Sarah Schmelling

This was a really good book that tells the essential plot points in a lot of classic literature through facebook feeds and group updates. It was really funny. As a whole, I would recommend reading this book in small doses, story by story. Or reading the stories that you know and love. I read the whole thing, and there were a lot of stories that I have never read, and I was kind of left without understanding or knowing the joke. However, I thought the idea for this book was really clever. My favorite one (if you are ever in the bookstore and see this book and want to read just one) is the Pride and Prejudice one. It was so funny. I also liked Jane Austen’s profile page. This is something I will definitely thumb through again. I will also be using this as a sort of reading guide about what books I should read!

Rating: 4.5

Well, that finally concludes the book reviews. I will try to be more faithful in updating this with the reviews of books that I have read. I am currently working on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as well as Cross my Heart and Hope to Spy (sequel to I’d Tell You I Love You but Then I’d Have to Kill You). Thanks for reading, if you got this far!