End of South

I finally finished that horrible non-fiction book “South” by Ernest Shackleton. Here is my recommendation to readers… spare yourself. Only read this book if you (1) don’t plan on listening to it via audiobook, (2) like non-fiction books about exploring places with nothing but snow -which leads to over 400 pages of nothing but lack of food and abundance of frostbite and destruction of ships, and (3) you want to be bored out of your mind. Now, to be honest, I have to admit that I blanked out during much of “South” so it could be better than I am making it out to be… I doubt it, but I know my reading tastes aren’t the same of everyone elses. Luckily for me, the last 4 audio sessions were appendix so I did not need to listen to them!

In terms of the 24-hour labor day read-a-thon, I have completed 15 hours. So it took me 15 hours to listen to that drabble and what do I immediately do? Do I pick up something nice and not difficult, like Sarah Dessen or Meg Cabot or J.K. Rowling? Something I know I will enjoy and don’t require massive amounts of brain usage? Nope… I put on Macbeth on audiobook. Now, to give Librivox some credit, all of the characters are played by someone else. However, I have always struggled with William Shakespeare. I don’t like “old” stuff. I really should be looking at the script while listening to it because I cannot for the life of me keep the voices straight.

I have to make another confession, dear audience. I do not do well with audiobooks. I am not able to learn things by just listening to it. I am a visual learner. As a matter of fact, I only put on audiobooks when I have to multi-task, but still want to get out some of the tasks for the Seasonal Reading Challenge. I probably shouldn’t count them as points… But I am going to because I did half-listen to them.

Hour 15 update:
South by Ernest Shackleton- complete 34/34 podcasts (448 pages)
Macbeth by William Shakespeare – in progress 2/6 podcasts


End of Hour 9

So I took several breaks for some family time, which is why it is 2 in the morning and I am only about to start hour 10. I am still listening to South and it still sucks. I did not take the Sarah Dessen mental health break, but that might be because I took some family time breaks. I just counted up all of the time I still have to listen to this horrible book and I have around 8.5 hours. BLAH! I have to go to church in 6 hours so I think I might pull an all-nighter and then take a nap after church before continuing with my read-a-thon.

Hour 9 UPDATE: 22/37 podcasts listened to.

5 hours down…

Well, I have been going at it for 5 hours. I took a 30 minutes meal break, but that time isn’t included in the 5 hours. I am still listening to South and it is so painfully boring… but I don’t want to stop or I will feel like all my time has been wasted. I do not recommend South to anyone who do not like non-fiction.  If you do like non-fiction books about exploring desolate parts of the world, then I recommend that you look into this book. I might have to take an hour long Sarah Dessen mental health break… We will see.

Hour 5 update: 12/37 podcasts listened to.

Labor Day Weekend Read-a-thon

One of my groups on Goodreads is doing a read-a-thon today. I already started late, so I decided to try to fit at least 24 hours into this weekend. So far, I have been going for two hours. I am listening to South by Ernest Schakleton. I have to admit that I don’t really appreciate non-fiction. It is a book I am suppose to read for the seasonal reading challenge. Because I am listening to it instead of reading it, my mind is definitely wondering a lot and I don’t know that I really know any more now then I knew when I started this book. I will try to update with my reading count. I hope to make significant headway with South, and read a play (Hamlet or Macbeth), and finish reading Just Listen by Sarah Dessen.

End of Hour Two: 5/37 audio parts of South