Labor Day Weekend Read-a-thon

One of my groups on Goodreads is doing a read-a-thon today. I already started late, so I decided to try to fit at least 24 hours into this weekend. So far, I have been going for two hours. I am listening to South by Ernest Schakleton. I have to admit that I don’t really appreciate non-fiction. It is a book I am suppose to read for the seasonal reading challenge. Because I am listening to it instead of reading it, my mind is definitely wondering a lot and I don’t know that I really know any more now then I knew when I started this book. I will try to update with my reading count. I hope to make significant headway with South, and read a play (Hamlet or Macbeth), and finish reading Just Listen by Sarah Dessen.

End of Hour Two: 5/37 audio parts of South


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