Title: Ominous (Private #13)

Author: Kate Brian

Summary from Goodreads:

After the shocking revelations made in the Private prequel, The Book of Spells, Noelle and Reed know they are descendants of the original Billings Girls and their legacy includes a mysterious coven of witches. But it’s nothing compared to what happens next.

One by one, Billings Girls go missing from campus.

The entire community bands together to find the lost girls, hoping they are still alive. Reed can’t believe tragedy has struck Easton again, and she begins to wonder if the Billings Girls are cursed. But when the first body shows up containing a message just for her, she fears her friends are worse than cursed: they’re doomed.

The penultimate book in the suspenseful Private series!

Personal Review:

My review is going to be split up into several sections. The first is my thoughts on the cover, the second is my general review, and the third will but under a Spoiler Alert.

To start off, I just want to talk about the cover for a moment. Finally they hired some pretty models again. The original books were really pretty and then there was a spell of not so great  models or clothes or whatever. It was really disappointing (I know that is really superficial to say but the covers were what initially drew me to the books and I loved them). I really like the cover again. It holds a lot of promise. I always like to try to guess which model is which character. What do you guys think of the cover?

My unspoiler review is going to be short. This book is good. This series is good. Read it! It is impossible to give a spoiler free review of a book that is 13th in the series without giving away events in previous books. Short version, the series is about a girl who goes to a private boarding school on a scholarship and get into a dorm that has produced many of the most powerful women in America and from there ensues a series of very unfortunate events including multiple murder attempts on various characters, as well as some character deaths and lots of “OH MY GOD” moments! This is a good series that takes hardly any time to read.



I started this book tense and angry at Reed. I don’t understand why she lets herself become so obsessed with things. I hate the BLS (Billings Literary Society) and the fact that in the last book she took it so seriously that she cut several of her friends out so she could make it down to 11 members like the original club had. I hate how obsessed she became in the book of spells in this book and Eliza and all of that junk. Does she really forget so easily how these obsessions of hers gets her into trouble in the past?

And I also HATE the character of Ivy. She rubs me the wrong way. It could be that I am a die-hard Noelle fan and that I just cannot side with this girl. I hate how Reed turns to Ivy with all of the BLS stuff and she frequently leaves Noelle out. I hate how she always seems to side with Ivy and Noelle is ALWAYS made out to be the bad guy.

And then there is Josh. I firmly believe that “It’s Called a Break-Up Because It’s Broken” and I wanted her to stay broken up with Josh. I hate how Reed always puts Josh first and I hate how Josh always hates Reed’s Billings friends. I also hate how quickly Josh moved on to Ivy after he broke up with Reed. And I am a firm believer in the Girl Code that says that friends don’t date friends ex-boyfriends (even when they say it is okay). I don’t care about all of those fans who think that Josh and Reed are soulmates… I can’t stand them together (though I usually don’t like them).

So with all of this hate, you might be wondering how I can give it a 4.5… I will explain. (1) The total lack of hate from Josh. Josh didn’t spend paragraphs complaining about Reed’s friends and how evil they were. I kind of liked him… (2) Decreased amount of animosity between Ivy and Noelle. It was so good to have it not be a fight on every other page and Reed tended to side with Noelle more because they are sisters now (SQUEE). (3) Reed and Constance are friends again at the end and all is right in the world because of it.

By a quarter of the way through the book, I was drawn in and I couldn’t wait to find out more. I wanted to know what had happened to the disappearing students and I wanted to see the relationship between Noelle and Reed grew. I am sad that Mr. Lange is dead and I wish that it had been Reed’s non-bio dad who had died. I thought there could have been a lot of possibility there… Noelle could have comforted Reed and she could have come to know Mr. Lange as her dad. I would have liked to have seen that relationship grow a lot more.

But for the most part, I really enjoyed this book. I don’t understand why Reed didn’t read what Eliza had written and taken her warning more serious. I mean Eliza wrote about how all of this witchcraft led to the death of her best friend, and yet she was so willing to jump right into it and do it. That did not make ANY sense to me and I blame that horrible character (Ivy) for pushing Reed to do it.

Rating: 4.5

Anyway, have you read the Private series? What are you thoughts? Do you agree with me or think that I am off my rocker? I would love to know your opinions!!!


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