Hour 1

Books Read since last update: Lost in a Good Book – disk 5; Beastly: pages 63-79
Pages Read since last update: 16 pages
Audiobook minutes: 40 minutes

Total Pages Read: 16 pages
Total Minutes Listening: 40 minutes

Books Started: Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde; Beastly by Alex Flinn
Books Finished: n/a
Amount of minutes read since last update: 60
Total time read: 60


4 thoughts on “Hour 1

  1. Thanks for the comment! It’s cool knowing that even though we are all the way across the country we are participating in the same Readathon! Good luck and happy reading to you! I would do audio books but I’m afraid I would fall asleep!

    • That is a cool thing to think about. It is amazing to think there are people in the Netherlands and New Zealand and Canada and England and America all taking part in this one event. It is really unifying.
      I never listening to just audiobooks, I am usually doing something else also, which means that I am not paying proper attention to either, but alas, it helps me keep up with blogging and watching a soccer game and reading all at the same time.
      Thanks for stopping by the blog! I really appreciate it.

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