Quick Disclaimer: My computer currently sucks and won’t turn. Dell is coming tomorrow to replace the motherboard, hard drive, and power supply. So I am making this post from my trusty iPhone. Please forgive any spelling mistakes as I already feel my thumbs going numb!

All that said, I must now apologize for not posting anything in like three months! It is disgraceful, I know. My old laptop started really giving out in July so in August I bought a beautiful touchscreen all in one desktop computer. She ran beautifully up until about a month ago (so for all of a month and a half) and then she started turning off and refusing to turn back on without displaying some random computer lingo messages. I called Dell and told them what was happening and they replaced the hard drive. TWO DAYS later, it started doing the same thing again. So I called up Dell and explained what was going on. They put me through the ringer a bit and kept transferring me to other people (all of whom said they have never seen the problem I was experiencing). Finally, around midnight on Monday of this week, the guy I was talking to at the time got his superiors to agree to all the new hardware (covered under warranty) and the guy is suppose to change it today!!! That means I should have my baby up and running for the readathon.

Which brings us to the point of my post. The readathon is on Sarurday and I am so excited. I am determined to make it through this time. I have already started gathering food. I have several fruit smoothie type drinks, some fruit, chocolate chip pumpkin cookies, fruit gushers, peeps, hot tamales, and nerds. I also have easy meal foods like pizza pockets and corn dogs. Tomorrow I am going to get peanut butter stuffed pretzels and a couple energy drinks and a soda.

In terms of books, I decided to not make a list this year. I have about 14 books from the library, but I also have several on my personal shelf that I might read instead. I have Wither, Divergent, Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side, and several others. I also have Matched and The Yiddish Policeman’s Union on audio for when I need to let my eyes take a rest. I am also charging up the Kindle (though I always struggle to keep track of page numbers that way). In addition, I may let a keep of books that have been screaming at me to read them and I may give into temptation and read them. Those are Twilight (I only like the first one but man do I love it), The Scarlet Pimpernel, and Lord Wtayboure’s Betrothed. Plus there are always more than a couple Sweet Valley Books around.

I am sorry this post is so boring with no pictures. If I was on my comp, I would have tried to make it more interesting. I am contemplating doing a video post to start out the challenge with. We will have to see.

Anyway, thanks for reading and if you are joining in the readathon, please link me to your blog. I will be tweeting too at katesbooksnooks. I hope to see you all there!


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