Read-a-Thon Prep Day

Read all day long

Today was definitely a readathon prep day for me. Though I have to admit that I have been in prep mode all week. I have been grocery shopping at least 5 or 6 times this week for the readathon alone and let me say that I have far to much junk food! I also have 25 books checked out from the library, primarily because I saw them and was like “What if I want to read that during the readathon?” I am such a slow reader that I will be lucky to get done two books, much less 25+. hehehe. In addition, as much as I love the readathon, I spend far too much of the readathon blogging and perhaps tweeting… I LOVE THE COMMUNITY! So I don’t go into the readathon aiming to finish as many books as possible. I got into readathon looking to have as much fun as possible being a part of the wonderful book blogging world! We rock, ya’ll!

So back to my prep day today. As you may have read on my last post, I got my computer back in working order! So excited!!! The first thing I wanted to do was make sure I had everything on it that needed to be on it for readathon. So I made a spreadsheet for the readathon yesterday and then today I downloaded Tweetdeck so I can tweet during the readathon. I also created the templates for my updates. I know that there are probably better ways to update than hourly… and I may change halfway through, but just incase, I templated it so I won’t have to do it every time I wish to update the world that I am still reading! Then I went to the library and returned a couple books, as well as picked up Matched by Ally Condie that was waiting for me and while I was merely checking to see if they had the Twilight book on audio, I saw that they had all the Twilight books on Audio and I had to check them all out as well as The Short Life of Bree Tanner. Then I remembered I didn’t have Book 4 or Bree Tanner at home so I checked that out as well. Then I wanted to see if they had The City of Bones by Cassandra Clare (never read it) and they did! After that, it was off to the grocery store (again) to get a soda and a couple energy drinks.

While out, I decided to pick up In and Out burger for dinner so that I could premake dinner and stuff for the readathon tomorrow. So I did that and came home. I then premade Enchilada Casserole so it only has to be stuck in the oven tomorrow. I also put together coffee cake and I will stick that in first thing in the morning. And finially, Fresh and Easy has this amazing Rosemary bread dough that I like to take and for balls sort of like monkey break and them put olive oil and pesto on it. It is TO DIE FOR, literally. So I shaped that so, again, it only has to be stuck in the oven at some point.

Right now, I am creating this post and then I am going to finish clearing out my google reader so I can see other peoples updates come in. (Having had my computer out of commission for almost a month made it crazy! I started at 1000+ and am now down to 363 posts to quickly view. I would mark them all as read, but I get most of my book recommendations from the blogs I follow and I don’t want to miss anything good!

I plan on going to bed tonight by 8:00 or 8:30, which, for a born and raised night owl, is extremely difficult to do. I would like to see a readathon that starts at midnight instead of noon GMT. I think that if I could just power through the initial night time, then I could make the whole thing! But by the time it is night again on the West Coast, my body is like “GO TO SLEEP, CRAZY PERSON!” *sigh* Unfortunately the adreniline rush has left me by that point.

Anyway, I took some pictures of the WAY TOO MANY books that I have to read. There are others that might make an appearance (Sweet Valley anyone?) but they didn’t feature in the line up. I just counted and there are exactly 40 books sitting on the ground by my desk just asking me to pick them! Do you see a book listed that you would recommend to read during this? If so, please tell me so that I can have any sort of clue where to begin!


3 thoughts on “Read-a-Thon Prep Day

  1. You have so many great books in your stack(s)! I’m having a hard time deciding what to recommend you read out of these! I’m re-reading Matched because the next book comes out next month. Divergent & Wicked Lovely are good too. Definitely read The Book Thief (even if not for readathon) I have so much underlined in that books. I’m starting out with A Game of Thrones because I’m halfway through it, it’s really good but I’ve found that despite being a fast reader, I’m slow reading it.

    Good luck tomorrow! I’m looking forward to reading your posts!

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