Hour 12

Sorry for the lack of update but I was engrossed in Matched… and not necessarily in a good way. *SPOILER* I am pissed off about the whole why this love triangle is going down. Can I say that I am Team Xander? This whole book feels like some horrible re-write of The Giver and The Hunger Games. It annoys me how she instantly starts getting interested in Ky Markham only after his face flickered on the screen. I hate it when, after something like an engagement, a person in that relationship goes after another person. Cassia knew how much Xander loves her and the fact that she went behind his back and carried on this relationship with Ky is absolutely reprehensible to me. I cannot accept it. It pisses me off every single time that she thinks about Ky or his story and the napkins. She says that Ky helped her remember the poem and stuff, but the truth is that if she had confided in Xander, he would have helped her too. It is obvious in the fact that he risked everything to hide her artifact, even though she ended up giving him Ky’s. It isn’t his fault that he was born into a place that he didn’t learn how to write and so he couldn’t do that. Ky just seems like “pity me, pity me, my life has suck” or “I’m am so much better than the rest of you all.”

In The Hunger Games, I was Team Peeta all the way. And Ky reminds me too much of Gale… a rebel rooser. That is not a character trait that I am fond of. I am definitely a “go-with-the-flow” type of girl. Gah. The worst part of this whole this is that I know at the end of the series, it isn’t even going to be a competition… she will end up with Ky and that KILLS ME. I am not sure that I can continue this series because that just annoys me too much.

I really wanted to like this book, but I just couldn’t/can’t do it!


2 thoughts on “Hour 12

  1. Haven’t read this book, so I cannot really comment on that, but from what you write I guess I’d agree with you. But if you don’t like it, just abandon it, OK? Read-a-thon is supposed to be fun 😉

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