Hour 8

Books Read since last update: Matched by Ally Condie: 139-153; Stolen by Lucy Christopher: 90-120
Pages Read since last update:34

Total Pages Read: 262

Books Started: Matched by Ally Condie; Stolen by Lucy Christopher
Books Finished: none
Total time read: 420

Mid-Book Review:

I hate to say that I am not a fan on Matched so far. I live the “Matched” world, and I don’t always want dystopians to be stopped. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to live in such a regulated world, but I don’t always think that it is so bad… Look at their intense lack of crime, for one thing. In addition, I HATE love triangles with everything in me. Especially since there is no guarantee that the girl will end up with the boy I want her to… and in this book, it looks like I am on the losing team. I don’t buy the love or whatever it is between Ky and Cassia. It drives me insane that Ky could have made moves on Cassia but only does so after she is matched. It also drives me insane that Xander is such a good guy and really seems to get the short end of the stick. I am definitely not a Ky fan.

Book Sentence:


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