Hour 17

Well, I finished Matched by Ally Condie and I will be posting an official review sometime this week (must give myself enough time to step off the soapbox and cool down with my passionate opinions. lol

I have read this whole readathon, even though I only have about 500 pages read. I have been listening on audiobook and following along because that has been keeping me awake. I think I just got my second wind! I am now listening to Twilight on audio, though I watched some book trailers for Delirium by Lauren Oliver and I am tempted to start that. It is a very interesting concept. If you had the ability to never feel pain, would you take it, if in return, you could never feel love.

My initial reaction was HELL YES. I have had more than my share of heartbreak. From my cheating boyfriend (cheated with my best friend at the time) to being raped (why I always read for the R.A.I.N.N Foundation), I would give up a lot to have never experienced that pain… but then I would also never know love. I have never been in love, but I do know that I love my younger sisters, and to never feel that love… the need to protect them from anything and everything, is something I would never give up… not for all the lack of pain in the world. And then to never hold your own child (I am just imagining because I have never had a baby) in your arms and feel that love for them is again, something I cannot imagine.

In life, I tend to be overly practical. I could, and perhaps even would, go into an arranged marriage. I can imagine my life just fine without every being in love with my future life companion, because I am overly practical, but to never love my own child… to never love my younger siblings, that is not something that I would ever give up.

What about you? Have any of you read Delirium? If so, do you recommend it?


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