And So another READATHON BEGINS (in 5 hours)!!!

Well, it is that time of the year again folks… You know, the time of the year when your Google Reader throws up all these hourly updates and you are like “WHAT IS GOING ON???” Well, I will tell you what is going on! It is Dewey’s 24-Hour Read-A-Thon. I pretty much think it is one of the best days of the year… except for the fact that there are two of them!!! It is like being allowed to have two birthdays or two Christmases or two blissful days when you can say “No, friend, I don’t care to hang out because I am going to hang with my hommies online and read some awesome books!!!” I know, pretty exciting, right?!?

Now readathon is the one time (LIES) of the year that I allow myself to splurge on snack and to basically treat myself and this year is no except. I was going to do a vlog about it but apparently my deal does not like to cooperate with me and refused to work. Let’s just say there are some delicious snacks like string cheese and Dorritos and Cheetos and leftover easter candy. But before you all freak out on me and remind me that I could gain a lot of weight, rest assured that I also bought grapefruit (already peeled and everything so I don’t have to get messy and I can spend more time reading) and grapes (which I froze because that is the best way to eat grapes!!!) and pineapple. I also have Greek yogurt and cottage cheese and froze gogurts (wow, I didn’t realize how much dairy I had gotten until just now). I made revel bars WHICH ARE DELICIOUS (I can post the recipe if anyone is interested!). For drinkage, I have Bolthouse Farms Amazing Mango smoothie-esque drink, Mucho Mango from Arizona Ice Tea (except it isn’t ice tea), Chocolate Milk, and Amp energy drink for later in the challenge. I also might pop over to 7/11 before readathon starts and pick up a soda.

Speaking of later in the challege, I WILL BE COHOSTING! That is right, you get to have this delightful voice in your head for the LAST FIVE HOURS! It is going to be tough, friends, to make it through to the end. It will be even tougher to wake up at 10:00 am the next day (less than 5 hrs of sleep is not fun!) but since it will be one of the most fun experiences, I am looking forward to it. I have an audiobook that I may listen to while cohosting so that I can stay in the reading mode!

Which comes to the real challenge of this challenge. Normally when I am doing the readathon, I have some sort of idea where I will start off, but this year I am overwhelmed with options. I have too many books calling out to me to read them. I will list the primary canidates and if you have any recommendations, please leave a little comment and tell me what you think I should read first. I am warning you in advance though, you might be tempted to smack me upside the head for letting some of these lovely books go unread for so long…

The saddest part is that isn’t even close to the books that I have that are screaming for me to read them… but it is a start and I do need to read many of these. So do you all have any suggestions? What should I start with? What should I save till the end when I need a wake up book? Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!!! And if you are interested in being a part of the readathon but haven’t sign up yet, it is never too late. Just head on over and sign up to join us in this amazing reading extravaganza! I mean, I will be there, what else do you really need??? Now it is off to bed with me before I wake up in five hours. That is the worst part about readathon, it means a full weekend with little sleep!!! But like I say, you can always sleep when you are dead!


6 thoughts on “And So another READATHON BEGINS (in 5 hours)!!!

  1. I’ve only read the hunger games trilogy, which I enjoyed quite a lot but didn’t love loved and Wicked Lovely, which was better than okay but not very memorable. I’ve read great things about Clockwork Angel (have it on audio but haven’t gotten to it yet) and If I Stay. Good luck choosing!

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