Top Ten Tuesday – Bookish admissions

Top Ten Bookish Confessions
Everyone has at least one bookish confession (and in my case I have six). Join us in spilling our deepest held secrets around one of our most beloved pastimes. Everyone has a bookish confession. What’s yours? If you have one feel free to share it, if not feel free to commiserate with ours -Julia

  1. I read fanfiction. There, I admitted it. It is probably my guiltiest, dirtiest reading secret. It is the one I hide from others because I am ashamed. I blame Harry Potter and middle school for this. But if I find I world I really love (Harry Potter, Hunger Games, etc), I never want to leave it and if there is a really good fanfiction story, then I get to stay in the world long after the book is actually over. Plus, the characters I want to be together get to be together (*cough* Ginny/Draco *cough*).
  2. I am obsessive about finishing books. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t always finish books, but this is what happens. If I start a book and I don’t like it, I can’t just stop reading it. I have to continue. Because usually these are books that are super hyped and I don’t understand why I don’t get the hype. So I force myself to continue. This usually makes me so miserable that I go on a major reading slump after and it could be a month gone by and I won’t have read a single book. All because I forced myself to finish that book I hated.
  3. Many times I will go back and read the end of a book. This is probably the only exception to the above rule. Sometimes if I worry about the direction a book is going or if the girl will end up with the guy I want her to, I will read the end of the book. And in those cases I sometimes am able to put aside a book unfinished. It is rare that I can do that. I usually read it anyway… but sometimes…
  4. I have to read ever single word. If I feel like I missed a word, I have to go back and reread it. I wish it was not this way. I wish I could skim because then I could read more books. But my mind simply won’t let me. If I thought I missed a word, I get so distracted and worried about it that I will realize that I haven’t paid attention to what I continued reading and then I have to resign myself to go back and rereading.
  5. Sometimes I go a long time without reading because I let my other hobbies/obsessions consume me. I watch way too much tv and half of the time, I don’t even like the show. But I am always afraid of missing a show that could become a favorite or something that others talk about at work. I wish I could quit tv all together so I could read more. I am slowly weening myself off of it. But it is a hard habit to quit. Especially in lue of the fact that I love to cross stitch and I can work on my cross stitching while stitching, but not so much reading. I am trying to listen to more audiobooks to rectify that. My other obsession is German Soccer and I will watch and rewatch matches when I should be reading.
  6. I am a library whore. I would probably say that I don’t read 3/4th of what I check out from the library. The library has killed me. I check way too much out, mainly because I go on binges, and then I neglect the books I actually have at home because I feel so guilty about the library books. This is why Insurgent, Code Name Verity, Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side, Wither, and many, many other books all remain unread and on my shelves. Sometimes I secretly curse the library.
  7. I get scared to read books that are popular. Why? Most times I don’t like them and then I think there is something wrong with me. Point in Case – The Graceling Series. I absolutely abhor that book. I hate everything about it. Yet so many people love it and talk about it. I don’t understand what is wrong with me. And Delirium… I liked it well enough, but I haven’t read the sequel yet.
  8. I tend to be anti-feminist. I am pretty ashamed to admit that a lot of the times, I don’t like strong females. That is part of why I didn’t like Graceling. Now this isn’t always true. I love Katniss in the Hunger Games and all of the girls in The Gallagher Girls series. But a lot of times, I just can’t stand them because I personally can’t identify with them. I am not a feminist and so when I read feminist leads, I tend to feel like I am being told I am not a good enough female because I don’t identify with them enough.
  9. I go to Barnes and Nobles (it used to be Borders… how I miss Borders) and read for hours upon hours and not buy the book. Some people might scold me for this. But I am not ashamed of this. Most of the time when I do this, I wouldn’t have bought the book anyway. And while I am at the store reading, I will always, without exception, buy a drink from the cafe. If I am there long enough, I will buy another and perhaps a treat. I feel like I am still supporting the store. Besides that, I do buy many, many books there.
  10. I hate love triangles with a passion. I feel like it divides the fans instead of unites them (see Team Peeta vs Team Gale or Team Edward vs Team Jacob). A lot of times, I am not a fan of the guy the girl ultimately ends up with (in both of the above examples, this was not the case. I was Team Peeta and Team Edward). Some example of this include the Fallen series (I have only read the first book), where I was not a fan of the leading man.
  11. And one more for good measure… while I absolutely adore the Harry Potter series, I hate the character of Harry Potter. Most people look at me weird when I say this. How can you hate such a vital main character? But he is just annoying and whinny and has the whole “weight of the world on my shoulders” thing going on. I actually prayed that in the end both Harry and Voldemort would die. Yes, I hated him that much. Sue me.

So what are your Top 10 Book confessions? Link me to your post or let me know below. I have enjoyed reading many others confessions. Honestly, I probably could have listed 20!