Booking Through Thursday – Burn


If your house was burning down and you could save just one book from your collection … what would it be?

(And, for the purposes of this discussion, we’ll allow series to count as “one” long, multi-volume book.)

Okay, now I really want to be a “good girl” and say that I would grab my Scriptures. But the truth is, I would probably grab Harry Potter. I can say this in a somewhat clear concious because my Scriptures are on my cell phone so we are in the clear.

But in all honesty, Harry Potter got me through Middle School and High School. That was a rough period in my life and I bonded with my best friend for life over Harry Potter. We are nerdy in that we have reading days where, over Skype (because we live on opposite ends of the country from one another) we will both read Harry Potter fan fiction together.

Harry Potter also brought me back into the world of reading… or at least not reading only cheesy things like the Sweet Valley Books and Nightmare Hall books.

It introduced me to a world of magic, where things weren’t as dreary as they appeared to be and where someone could swoop me out of my horrible life and take me away to this wonderful magical world.

Anyway, so for purely sentimental reasons, I would grab my Harry Potter bundle, and get the heck out of that burning building!


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