My Read-A-Thon reading pile


I know, I know, there is no possible way that I can get through all of those books. But I always need options and I think that there is a lot of variety in this pile. In the past, I have tried to stick to one book, but I don’t think that will be the case this time. If I am bored with a book or need a change, I am going to do it. I have two audiobooks because I will be co-hosting for five hours so I will have a book on during that, and I also like to have a book on when updating the blog. In addition to the above show, I will be picking up some Dr. Seuss from the library.

So many books that I should have already read… Okay, so I do have a couple re-reads in there (Megan Meade, Double Love, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Dan Brown, Dr. Seuss)… but there are other books I should have already read. As a matter of fact, I got half way through Anna and the French Kiss. Why did I stop reading it? No reason. I was loving it. But sometimes I do this. Jessica’s Guide, I read two chapters and loved it. Again, don’t know why I put it down. I probably had another library book due. Nevermore… well I am 96 pages in and then I stopped reading it (a month ago). I think it was due back at the library so now I have it back.

Anyway, so obviously I have a lot of good options, but I was wanting your opinion. What do you think should be my “must read” for this readathon? What is on your list?

Well, I will be back tomorrow with a preview of my various reading spaces (if I can clean them up!) and on Friday I will preview my snacks. And then it will be the “start of another big, big day” (to quote Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins). That is right, readathon Saturday.


5 thoughts on “My Read-A-Thon reading pile

  1. Great list! This is my first readathon and I am compiling my reading list (and backups…). I just finished Insurgent a week ago or so. VERY fastpaced, so that’s a great one. I am debating adding Anna and The French Kiss to my list for this weekend. Hmm.

    • I am so excited you wi be joining in on the readathon. I made a post a few days ago with some tips. A lot of bloggers have great tips out there. I look forward to seeing what you do end up reading!

  2. so many great books! I loved Anna & the French Kiss. I thought about reading The Casual Vacancy but last Read-A-Thon I read only one book the whole time and ended up falling asleep early. I think I’ll save it for after.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Lisa. I will probably end up saving The Casual Vacancy until later. It doesn’t seem action packed or exciting like the Harry Potter books so I don’t want that daunting and hanging over my head. Anna and the French Kiss is high on my list.

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