All-American Girl

Title: All-American Girl

Author: Meg Cabot

Summary From Goodreads:

why Samantha Madison feels like her life might just be over:

10. Her big sister is the most popular girl in school

9. Her little sister is a certified genius

8. She’s in love with her big sister’s boyfriend

7. She got caught selling celebrity portraits in school

6. And now she’s being forced to take art classes

5. She’s just saved the President of the United States from an assassination attempt

4. So the whole world thinks she is a hero

3. Even though Sam knows she is far, far from being a hero

2. And now she’s been appointed teen ambassador to the UN

And the #1 reason
Sam’s life is utterly and completely over?

1.The President’s son just might be in love with her.

Personal Review:

I read this book for the first time when I was in High School. I got all nostalgic this past month and I wanted to reread it. I remembered it be a light story that was just an easy read. And that certainly proved to be true when I reread it this time.

Essentially, Samantha Madison is just an ordinary who happened to be at the right play at the right time (or was it the wrong place at the right time?) and saved the president. And she gets thrown together with the presidents son, David. Problem is, Samantha is in love with her older sisters boyfriend.

There isn’t much to say about this book except that if you want a short cute romance, this is your read. You will fall in love with Sam and David as Sam and David fall in love with each other.

Rating: 3.5


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