Read all day long

Read all day long


Guys, its that time of the year again. You know what time I am talking about… Readathon time! I am so so so excited. Lately I have been on a bit of a book slump. This whole year I have only read 7 books total. That is less than two a month. And I haven’t blogged at all since the last readathon. I am hoping that this readathon will turn that all around. I am going to try to be better at book blogging! I swear, I am. I miss it. Now lets dive into my basic game plan:


So, this week, my boss started pretty much the whole company on Beach Body workouts. I am doing the Power 90 work out with my sister. Since Monday, I have already lost 2.7 pounds. Because of recently starting this jump back into fitness, I am going to try to be better at what I eat during readathon this year. I am going shopping for groceries after work tomorrow, but I am going to try to steer clear of the chips and cookies and cake and all that unhealthy food that I love so much. I am still going to treat myself to a variety of cheeses and a salami tray. It is like the only time of the year I let myself buy salami and cheese. It is a readathon tradition. Aside from that, I am going to look at buying fruits. I may try to prepare them tomorrow night so as to not waste time on Saturday peeling kiwis or anything like that. I am going to look at getting some grapefruit, kiwi, pineapple, and apple slices. I will have a shakeology drink to start out with for breakfast and I haven’t decided yet for lunch and dinner. We will have to see when I go shopping.


This year, I am going to try to steer clear from too many heavy books…. maybe. I am a moody reader and I read what I am in the mood to read. Right now I am looking at some Sweet Valley Books. Maybe a little Nancy Drew. Here, in picture form, are some of the books I am thinking about:


Those are the main books I am looking at right now. Of course with me, nothing is a given and I could very well change my mind several times over and not actually read any of these books. I think I have several different genre’s represented here so I am pretty happy with my selection. What are you all reading? What are you eating? I hope, at the very least, you are joining in on the fun!!!! To get in at all the fun, visit Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon and sign up! It is never too late to join in on all the fun!


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