Hour 12


Well, I took a 6 hour nap… But at this point, I should be good to go for the rest of the readathon. I have finished one book and am half way through two more (Perfect State and Legion: Skin Deep. Both by Brandon Sanderson). This hour is an hour long reading sprint on the Goodreads group so I am going to pick up a physical book (have been listening to audiobooks while doing prep work for the co-hosting time) and see how much I can get accomplished. I am pretty excited about this. I have missed reading books!

I’ve eaten bean soup and have a cup of Wassail.

Mid-Event Survey

1. What are you reading right now? I am about to start Darcy Swipes Left. Pretty excited by this. I am half way through Legion #2 (Skin Deep) by Brandon Sanderson. That is on audiobook, though, and I plan on reading a physical book for this hour.
2. How many books have you read so far? 2. Legion and Perfect State by Brandon Sanderson. Not my favorites by him, but I do love Sanderson and am working on reading every book he has written.
3. What book are you most looking forward to for the second half of the Read-a-thon? Probably Darcy Swipes Left. I read a few pages of it in the bookstore before I bought it and it had me in such a state of giggles. I am super excited about reading it!
4. Have you had many interruptions? How did you deal with those? Yes, but they are of my own making. Six hour nap and then I needed to prep my posts for co-hosting. I dealt with the co-hosting Prepping by putting on an audiobook and just powering through.
5. What surprises you most about the Read-a-thon, so far? Hmmm, after 15 readathons, I am not sure anything surprises me any more. Maybe the fact that after all this time, I still love this event more than almost any other event in a year. One would think the excitement would wear away after so much time.


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