Junior High

Junior High

This series occurs when the twins are eighth graders. Elizabeth and Jessica get rezoned to Sweet Valley Junior High. Elizabeth is more popular than Jessica. She makes two best friends called Salvador and Anna. Lacey Frells, the popular girl, hates Jessica for saying Steven is her boyfriend and calls her Lamefield. Jessica joins the track team and befriends Bethel McCoy and Kristin Seltzer, who is Lacey’s best friend. Elizabeth’s love interest is Blue Spicolli and Jessica’s love interest is a ninth grader called Damon. There are a total of 30 books in the series.

  1. Get Real
  2. One 2 Many
  3. Soulmates
  4. The Cool Crowd
  5. Boy. Friend.
  6. Lacey’s Crush
  7. How to Ruin a Friendship
  8. Cheating on Anna
  9. Too Popular
  10. Twin Switch
  11. Got a Problem?
  12. Third Wheel
  13. Three Days, Two Nights
  14. My Perfect Guy
  15. Hands Off
  16. Keeping it Real
  17. Whatever
  18. True Blue
  19. She loves me…Not
  20. Wild Child
  21. I’m So Outta Here
  22. What You Don’t Know
  23. Invisible Me
  24. Clueless
  25. Drama Queen
  26. No More Mr. Nice Guy
  27. She’s Back
  28. Dance Fever
  29. He’s the One
  30. Too Many Good-Byes

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