The Unicorn Club

The Unicorn Club:

The twins as seventh graders, still at Sweet Valley Middle School. This series focused on the club members in general, not specifically the twins.

The books are:

  1. Save the Unicorns
  2. Maria’s Movie Comeback
  3. The Best Friend Game
  4. Lila’s Little Sister
  5. Unicorns in Love
  6. The Unicorns at War (Super Edition)
  7. Too Close for Comfort
  8. Kimberly Rides Again
  9. Ellen’s Family Secret
  10. Mandy in the Middle
  11. Angels Keep Out
  12. Five Girls and a Baby
  13. Who will be Miss Unicorn
  14. Lila on the Loose
  15. Too Cool for the Unicorns
  16. Bon Voyage, Unicorns
  17. Boyfriends for Everyone
  18. Rachel’s in, Lila’s Out
  19. The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
  20. In Love with Mandy
  21. Snow Bunnies
  22. Jessica’s Dream Date
  23. Trapped in the Mall

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