Suspicion Review


Suspicion, by Kate Brian, was a wonderful addition to the Private Series. Don’t get me wrong, there were disappointments, but you have to live with it. I feel like ever since she began to write the┬áPrivilege┬áseries (not my favorites) the Private series have taken a back burner. I wish that she would put more into them. It was in the world of Private that many readers first fell in love with this world.

And then there was the destruction of Billings… Can I just say┬ádevastating? I love Billings! It is probably my favorite thing about this whole series, and now it is gone! I really do not know how the series is going to continue without Billings. Where will all of the girls live? How will they still be able to function? Will Reed and Noelle room together? There are still so many questions left to be answered, and yet there is still so much more time till the next book. I wish that Kate Brian would put out the first chapter of the next book… she normally does that and that normally answers a question or two that I still have lingering around.

There is still a lot to happen in the world of Private before Kate Brian can cut the strings and send us all lose into the world… I hope the series will go on forever. Maybe it can be this generations Nancy Drew or Sweet Valley Girls… I know, they should have known when to stop, but this series is seriously too good to stop.

All of that said and done, I give Suspicion a sold 4.8/5 stars (.2 off for the destruction of Billings/my dreams)!

Have you read the Private series? If so, let me know what you think! If not, well ignore my spoilers about Billings and get cracking!